Here’s a sanding tool that many beginners can probably rally behind. The power tool from Black and Decker incorporates technology into its design and functionality and that’s what we like most about it. One of the main features is the Smart Select Technology.

This feature allows beginners to select the application (what task they’ll be using the tool for), snap on the recommended base and the tool will set the appropriate speed. We almost forgot to mention that the bases are colour coded making it easy for you to know which one is to be used for what purpose.

It’s a feature that’s great for beginners. On top of that, the Black & Decker orbital sandar is a complete sanding kit as you’re provided with 3 sanding bases. It’s great and is also one of the features about this product that we like.

Furthermore, the tool-free base change is very convenient and eases the workload (albeit not by much). With that said, it still does have many of the features that other tools have like a dust filter and ergonomic grips.

Black & Decker MS2000 4-in-1 Smart Select Multi Sander

Things you will like most: 

  • It’s a great tool for beginners
  • Smart Select Technology helps beginners adjust the right speed for the job
  • A tool-free base change makes it convenient and quick when shifting to different tasks
  • 3 Sanding bases are accompanied with every purchase
  • Ergonomic grips for comfort while using the device