This Bosch orbital sander is built to ensure that sanding work can be done quicker, but also efficiently. The 2.5-amp motor that offers 7500-12000 OPM means allows for quick sanding when needed. In addition, there is a variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed and power.

We can’t forget about the Hook and loop disc attachment that ensures that the sanding paper is held taut. What we found to be of use is the hooks on this Bosch Orbital Sander. They are built to last and can hold the sandpaper in place quite well.

The backing pad is also a plus as it is pliable, thus ensuring smooth finishes on all kinds of surfaces. This tool might be lacking with the vibration suspension system, but it does have multiple grip positions, so it does offer some form of comfort.

Furthermore, the built-in micro system filter is a win-win as it ensures that you don’t breathe in too much dust on the job. It does this by preventing dust spillback. Bosch certainly has a wide variety of some of the best orbital sanders available for craftsmen.

Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander

Things you will like most

  • Variable speed dial enables better handling and control
  • Pliable backing pad ensures a smooth finish on flat and contoured surfaces
  • The ergonomic design ensures that it is comfortable
  • Microfiber system collects dust quite well
  • The sanding paper is held taut thanks to the hoop and loop disc attachment